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Attachments for belt grinders

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Dealing with knifemaking means dealing with complex shapes and geometries that require a high finish quality. Using a good belt grinder is a great start, but reaching and grinding all surfaces, edges and transitions on a workpiece without much loss of time is also a matter of having a set of great attachments.

For this reason, I developed a rich set of attachments to the belt grinder BS-1, which is continuously expanded.

Although these attachments were designed to be used with the BS-1, some of them (like the very popular universal blade jig, the radius and ricasso platens and the surface grinding attachment) can also be fit to grinders of other brands or makeshift machines. With my abilities in designing an manufacturing, adopting attachments to your grinder or finding the perfect solution to your individual problem is fast and affordable!

You want to find out more? Get to know all the attachments in the interactive pictures below!

How to order

Radius grinder

The radius grinder is one of the most common attachments. Whenever tight concave features are to be ground, it's the means of choice. The radius grinder can be combined in various setups with other attachments to achieve even more possibilities!

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Radius grinder
Position Indicator Height adjustment Radius wheels Slack belt Magnetic holder Video

Position Indicator

The tool arm has a position indicator that shows where to clamp the attachment, depending on the used wheel diameter.

Height adjustment

The angle adjustment of the BS-1 can be used to set the working height of the radius grinder. Not only for perfect work ergonomics, but also to help setting the grinding position when working with the grinding table or the surface grinding attachment.

Radius wheels

The radius grinder comes with three rolls of 19, 32 and 50mm diameter. The rolls are a bit wider than the belt to make using the ricasso and integral attachment easier.

Wheels in 75 and 100mm diameter can be purchased as add-ons. These wheels are exactly as wide as the grinding belt, to make it easy to grind fullers etc.

The diameter limit of the radius grinder is 150mm.

Slack belt

On the side, the radius grinder offers a long slack belt that is ideal for shaping handles or other freeform shapes.

Magnetic holder

The rolls can quickly be switched by inserting them from the front. Two magnets prevent them from falling out, even when no grinding belt is currently installed.

Ricasso and integral attachment

Probably the biggest timesaver in the range of attachments to the BS-1! Grind longitudinal finishes on blades, even if they have features that traditionally call for hand sanding. Finish plunge lines and integral transitions with ease, up to a grain of P600 or finer.

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Ricasso and integral attachment
Fine adjustment Mount Grinding plates Video

Fine adjustment

The fine adjustment helps to get the alignment of the grinding plate perfectly to ensure smooth transitions.


The attachment is mounted inside the radius grinder and can be added or removed quickly.

Grinding plates

Depending on the result to be achieved, different grinding plates are used.

The plate for grinding ricassos / plunge lines can be rotated four ways for different transition radii between 1-3 mm.

The plate for grinding integral knives can be combines with the radius wheels 19, 32 and 50mm.

Universal blade jig

Grinding blades freehand is challenging for beginners and time consuming and prone to mistakes, even for professionals. This universal blade jig is the result of a collaboration with professional knifemakers Benjamin Kamon and Tobias Hangler. Even for class participants or novices, it makes it easier to master even more complex grinds.

The blade jig can be used for plain grinds, hollow grinds or S-grinds in the corresponding areas of the BS-1. It can also be adapted to use on 3rd party machines. More information on compatibility of the blade jig with other machines.

Purchase the universal blade jig exclusively from!

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Universal blade jig
Pressure wheel Video Blade retainer Top part Use on contact wheel

Pressure wheel

Pressure is applied to the blade with a lever that connects to the pressure wheel. The hinge bolts of the lever are adjustable in height, to accommodate for the individual blade shape.

Depending on personal preference or when grinding very fragile geometries, the hinge bolts and the lever can be removed entirely, so that the blade can be guided by hand.

Blade retainer

The blade retainer determines the grinding angle by holding the blades spine at a certain distance to the grinding belt. The retainers are made from 1mm stainless sheets and can be ground to shape according to individual needs. The attachment comes with 5pcs of retainers.

Top part

The top part is mounted on the tool arm by a 20mm shaft clamping. The clamp is used in setting up the following:

  • pecise adjustment of the distance between blade retainer and grinding belt
  • angle adjustment of the top part to enable grinding of plunge lines at an angle (0-20°)
  • to switch the top part between the two tool holders

Use on contact wheel

The attachment can also be used on the contact wheel, to create hollow or S-grinds. A tool arm for the contact wheel is included in the order.

Surface grinding attachment

Turn your belt grinder into a surface grinder! Grind straight, parallel surfaces for finishing blades or stacking damascus steel. Combine the attachment with the radius grinder to grind guided fullers or bevels. Taper blades or handles with the taper function. The surface grinding attachment offers all that in a compact, precise and easy to use package.

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Surface grinding attachment
Video Adjustable stops Gauge adjustment Preload Grinding slider Magnetic chuck Taper jig

Adjustable stops

Adjustable stops are available for purchase as an add-on.

Gauge adjustment

The gauge adjustment works with a 3:1 gear reduction and is very sensitive. The scale of the turn knob is equipped with a scale with a resolution of 0.1mm.

The distance from the contact wheel goes from 0-60mm.


The slider assembly is preloaded by springs that eliminate any play that could affect the grinding result otherwise.

Grinding slider

The grinding slider uses plain bearings and is therefore immune to dust. The standard travel way is 300mm, but custom travels, for example for swordsmiths, are possible!

Magnetic chuck

The magnetic chuck uses strong ND-magnets so securely clamp the workpiece. An aluminum cover plate protects the magnets from dust and makes it easy to clamp and remove the piece.

Taper jig

The taper jig can be set to grind angles between 0-1.2°. It has markings that help set and double an angle.

Contour grinding table

Grind exact 90° contours with the contour grinding table. It can be combined with the radius grinder, the contact wheel and the flat platen. The tilt mechanism of the BS-1 allows for perfect ergonomics and a clear view of the results.

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Contour grinding table
Lateral adjustment 2 in 1 Video

Lateral adjustment

The table can be shifted across the whole width of the belt to prevent hot-spots in which the belt wears out fast.

2 in 1

The table has cutouts to work with the radius grinder and the contact wheel.

Serration grinding attachment

Grinding serrations used to involve either a lot of manual work or buying an extremely expensive abrasive wheel for each serration size. The serration grinding attachment offers a very economic way to create, sharpen and hone serrations.

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Serration grinding attachment
Jig Video


The serration jigs are designed so that a flexible grinding belt wraps around them and transfers the shape of the jig to the blade ground.

Two jigs with 14 and 20mm diameter are provided and can be switched out without taking off the belt. These diameters fit the most common serration sizes. Individual diameters can be supplied or quickly made.

Table for contact wheel

Use the full power of the BS-1 with the table for the contact wheel! With a solid work rest, it is easier and safer to work with high pressure and rough grinds on the contact wheel. The table attaches to the lower mounting point of the BS-1 and has an angle adjustment to help create hollow grinds using a jig.

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Table for contact wheel
Angle adjustment Table size Video

Angle adjustment

The table can be adjusted so that the distance from the table surface to the center of the wheel changes. This way, one can find the perfect setup to create a hollow grind.

Table size

The table is made from steel and measures 120x300x8mm.

Tool holder

Organize your attachments using the tool holder. It easily attaches to the stand of the BS-1 and offers space for 5 attachments with tool arms, the table for the contact wheel and small parts like radius wheels.

The tool holder is not compatible with the table-mount version of the BS-1.

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Tool holder
Shelf for small parts Easy setup

Shelf for small parts

Easy setup

The setup on the machine is quick and doesn't require drilling holes.

Cooling system

No more overheated blades! The cooling system ensures a stable process and increases the works speed at the same time. The system uses pressurized air to create a mist using water sucked from a tank or the water tap. The mist can be regulated precisely so that the cooling effect is similar to flood cooling - just without the mess and with little water consumption.

The system includes a water hose with filter. The supply for pressurized air has to be provided by the customer. Air consumption: 120 L/min at 4 bar.

Cooling system


Water basin

Water and dust - both are common yet unpopular elements around a grinder. The water basin helps to keep the surroundings of the BS-1 clean. A generously sized basin catches water, can be used to cool workpieces and acts as a reservoir for the cooling system.

The optional suction hood that goes on top of it creates a pull from within the basin. The deflection of the airflow around the water surface causes a separation of dust and sparks.

The suction hood is only compatible with floor-mount machines.

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Water basin
Stainless basin Mount Suction hood

Stainless basin

The stainless steel basin measures 325 x 265 x 200mm and is inserted from the front.


The basin mounts either to the Stand (floor mount grinders) or to the workbench (table mount). In both cases, the bracket that holds the basin can easily be removed out of the way if no basin is being used.

Suction hood

The suction hood comes with a custom flange for hoses up to 100mm. Please let me know your hose diameter upon ordering!

The hood can quickly be removed to use the basin without it.

3rd party attachments

You'd like to switch to a BS-1 but want to take your old attachments with you? Or you want to use a rotary platen like in the picture? The 3rd part adaptor allows to mount attachments that use the widespread 20mm shaft system for clamping. Please contact me to check if your attachment is compatible!

3rd party attachments


You are using a different belt grinder, but you are interested in the attachments listed here? The most popular attachments are also available for other machines!

Universal blade jig

The universal blade jig is very popular and already in use on many different machines. From the beginning, it was made to fit various belt grinders for knifemakers without design changes. The following requirements have to be met in order to mount the jig without modifications:

  • The grinder takes attachments with a square tool arm coming from the left of the grinding belt. There is a free clamp available to attach the jig to.
  • The size A of the tool arms is either 35mm, 40mm or 1.5" (38.1mm) square. The basic size of the jig's tool arm is always 35mm, for the other two sizes, angular shims are provided (orange in picture).
  • The distance x between the tool arm clamp and the center of the grinding belt is anywhere between 40mm and 70mm. The user can adjust the jig to the machine's measurement by an oblong hole.

If all these requirements are met, you can use the universal blade jig on your grinder! If not, please send me an email and we can figure out a custom solution.

Other attachments

Also the other attachments are available for third party machines. This usually requires only the tool arm to be changed. Just send me an email, ideally with a few photos of your machine. I will then ask for a handful of measurements and can create a custom tool holder that matches your machine perfectly and comes at a fair price. A few examples below:

  • Radienschleifer mit Ricassovorrichtung zur Montage auf einem Fremdbandschleifer. Die Klemmung erfolgt über einen 20mm Wellenschaft.

Prices as of September 2023. Prices are subject to change.