General: How can I order and what's the lead time?

The products on this website can be (pre)ordered at any time per email. In most cases, no deposit is necessary. The products are produced in small batches, the lead time is usually 3 months maximum. Depending on the progress of a batch and availability of in-stock units, you can also get one on short notice. Please note that the current situation on the raw material and electronics market also affects my products and I can not rule out delays.

BS-1: Please inform me what motor version and mount option you need. Also let me know what attachments should be added to your order.

Attachments for other belt grinders: Please send along information or photos of the target machine so I can understand the mounting situation.

For the rolling mill RM-1, a deposit is necessary upon ordering. Please contact me for details.

General: How to order the universal blade jig?

Please note: the universal blade jig as an individual attachment (i.e. not as part of an order including other items from this page) is exclusively sold through the online shop www.messermaterial.at. Please understand that I am not taking direct (pre-)orders for individual blade jigs.

However, if you order the blade jig in a larger package (e.g. with a BS-1), I am happy to take and process your order for the blade jig directly to streamline your ordering experience.

General: I would like to test the products before buying. Is that possible?

You are welcome to test my products in my workshop in Judendorf-Straßengel (Graz, AT)! I happily take my time to show you all functions in detail - please get in touch with me. If my shop is too long of a journey, I can try to set you up with an existing customer near you.

Shipping: What countries do you sell to?

Machines: currently all EU-countries, Switzerland and the UK! I will determine the individual shipping costs when making you a concrete offer. Contact me

Attachments and smaller items: All European countries, USA, Canada. Other countries upon request.

Shipping: How do I get my order?

Self-pick-up in Judendorf-Straßengel (Graz, Austria)

Shipping by parcel service or cargo company.

Belt grinders: Which attachments come with the machine?

The grinding table (300x120mm) comes with the BS-1. The other listed attachments can be ordered depending on the grinding job to be done. Consult the page Attachments for belt grinders for details.

Belt grinders: Why do the models with inverter not need a three-phase supply?

The Inverter can generate three-phase power for the motor from a one-phase supply. The power is not reduced by this measure.

Belt grinders: Is it possible to use the machines for wet grinding?

The belt grinder BS-1 is suitable for cooled grinding of blades. This is made possible by appropriate covers, encapsulated electrics and the rugged industrial paint.
However, flood cooling is not suitable for it getting very messy with the BS-1's flexible machine concept that prohibits a full enclosure of the grinding area. Splash water would flood the area around the machine quickly.

Instead, I recommend using a minimum quanitity cooling, as offered in the attachments to the machine. Properly adjusted, theses systems offer equal cooling power with a cleaner working environment and less water consumption.

For special applications with flood cooling, I recommend considering a special machine like the one shown here on picture 3.

General: I have a great idea or suggestion...

Let me know! I am always happy to pick up on critique or exchange of experiences. Every craftsman has different processes and workflows, and it is inspiring and exciting to see how to turn them into awesome products that make work easier.