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Belt grinder BS-1

+++ now also for 75mm wide belts! +++

The belt grinder is the most important machine for a modern knifemaker. Based on own experience and perfectioned with multiple experts, I designed a new machine concept that covers the demands of complex workpieces and workflows:

The Tobin BS-1 combines a powerful drive system with a set of high quality attachments that is continuously expanded. This makes it the most productive machine available for knifemakers and blacksmiths. The design complies with EU safety standards and has CE certification. The BS-1 is not only suitable for professionals who seek to optimize their workflow, but also for ambitious beginners or hobbyists who enjoy working with excellent equipment. Last but not least, the BS-1 is among the few CE-certified machines for those who offer classes and rely on a safe machine with superb power.

The belt grinders are developed and produced exclusively in Austria! Used and tested in everyday shop-life by myself and other professionals, a dedication to reliability, high quality and continuous improvement is central to my products. These factors, but also the big assortment of available attachments set it apart from other machines on the market.

You want to find out more? Get to know the BS-1 with the interactive pictures below! 

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Get to know the BS-1!

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Grinding table Tension lever Angle adjustment Motor Attachment system Tilt frame VFD / inverter Platen Contact wheel Splash guard an upper wheel Industry-grade paint Lower tool mount

Grinding table

The grinding table is made from steel and comes with the base machine. The standard size is 120x300x8mm, but custom sizes like in the picture above are possible.

Tension lever

The tension lever allows for comfortable and easy change of the belt. Whenever not in use, you can slacken the belt with a simple pull. This way, you avoid belts getting warped under permanent tension.

The gas spring puts the belts under constant tension, even when their length changes due to wear and tear.

Angle adjustment

The grinder frame can be adjusted between +/- 30° without using a tool. This doesn't only ensure perfect ergonomics in every situation, but also allows for numerous use cases in combination with attachments.

To tighten and release the angle adjustment, only one clamping lever has to be operated.


All grinders are equipped with three-phase motors that are designed for continuous operation. The motors are IP55 certified (complete protection against dust and jet water). All motors have a power of 1.5 kW.

The Power-Version of the BS-1 uses a 4-pole design and a stronger VFD which allows for higher torque output than the Normal-Version.

Attachment system

Attachments are fixed in two slots by clamping the tool arms made from 35x35mm steel pipes. These are lightweight, very rigid and the clamp system is reliable and accurate. Using steel is advantageos over aluminum profiles: steel is more rigid and less prone to aging. Moreover, steel profiles are easily available for custom solutions.

Tilt frame

The tilt frame is included with the BS-1 and - like all other funcions - doesn't require a tool to operate. Pictures of the tilted machine can be found in the other views!

VFD / inverter

Only reputable inverters from Hitachi are used. All electronics are located inside a dust- and waterproof steel cabinet. The power connection uses an ordinary one-phase plug for 230V, the inverter generates the three-phase current internally.

Depending on the model, the belt speed range is:

  • 5 - 28 m/s (Normal-Version)
  • 2.5 - 28 m/s (Power-Version)
  • 2.5 - 22 m/s (75mm belt width)


The platen is made of precision ground tool steel and has a length of 200mm.

Contact wheel

The 250mm contact wheel is accessible without reconfiguring the machine, especially when the grinding frame is adjusted to the backmost angle (-30°). This advantage over other machine concepts in invaluable since the operator is much more eager to use the advantages of grinding on the contact wheel: more aggressive grinding, less belt friction = higher torque, cooler grinding temperatures and higher belt life.

Of course, all contact wheels are balanced and checked for runout.

Splash guard an upper wheel

The upper wheel can be accessed by temporarily removing the splash cover. It is perfect to quickly work on more narrow contours.

Industry-grade paint

The BS-1 is harnessed against sparks, dust and water. All frame parts receive a professional industry-grade 2C paint.

Lower tool mount

In addition to the upper clamps, the lower clamp helps to attach even more tools to the BS-1. The quick-change mechanism also holds heavier tools like the surface grinding attachment securely in place.

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Get to know the BS-1!

Click the marked regions in the picture to learn more!

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Covers Working height Wheels Controls Table mount


High-quality covers from aluminum ensure the CE-certification and keep dust, ripping belts or sparks from the user, without messing with the accessibility of the functions. To change the belt, simply open the door using the quick-release.

Working height

The tilted position lifts the grinding area to the perfect height to grind details and contours, for example with the depicted contour table (available as attachment)


The wheels are made from hard 7075 grade aluminum and run with sealed bearings. For particularly high demands (high runtimes / lots of wet grinding), the optional Heavy-Duty wheels are recommended. These are from hardened steel and use premium bearings.


Buttons in industry-grade quality and speed dial knob with scale 1-10.

Table mount

The table mount version uses a short column with a flange to screw onto a workbench. If the workbench itself fits the operators body height, the grinding areas of the BS-1 placed on it also fit well in terms of working height.

Floor mount

The floor mount version keeps the area around the machine free and easily accessible for working and cleaning. The flange has to be securely fixed into a (concrete) floor.

A small number of attachments like the tool holder are only compatible with the floor mount version.

Floor mount


75mm belt width

The version for 75mm wide belts is for those who need to grind bigger surfaces, for example in kitchen knives, faster, more securely and with high requirements to finish quality and evenness.

The whole set of attachments for the BS-1 is also available for the 75mm version!

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75mm belt width
Motor Contact wheel and rolls Attachment clamp


For the 75mm version, only the Power-Version is available. Belt speed: 2.5 - 22 m/s.

Contact wheel and rolls

Wheel, rolls and platen come in 75mm width, also the covers are adjusted accordingly.

Attachment clamp

In both the 50mm and the 75mm variant, the tool clamp is centered to the middle of the belt. Hence, attachments like the serration grinding attachment are identical for both.

Prices as of September 2023. Prices are subject to change.