Welcome to my website!

The use of tools sets humans apart from most animals. No matter what area of life, we subconsciously expand our abilities every day by using various aids. Over time we understand intuitively whether a tool is of good quality or if it rather prevents us from working effectively.

I can look back to 15 years of experience as a professional knifemaker. Starting out as a hobby, it quickly became a passion: creating all sorts of high quality tools to satisfy different needs, whether of professional chefs, craftsmen or hunters.

As a mechanical engineering graduate, I always accompanied my knifemaking with constant improvements of the processes and tools that I use myself. Thus, in the year of 2020 I started to offer tools and machines that suit the special requirements of the knifemaking trade. My portfolio contains the belt grinder BS-1, various attachments for belt grinders and the forging rolling mill RM-1. I also create custom solutions that are tailored to your needs.

The products offered on this website are developed and produced exclusively in Austria! Used and tested in everyday shop-life by myself and other professionals, a dedication to reliability, high quality and continuous improvement are central to my products.

Enjoy looking through my website. If you have questions regarding orders or anything else, feel free to contact me per mail or give me a call.