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Belt grinder BS-1

+++ now also for 75mm wide belts! +++ The belt grinder is the most important machine for a modern knifemaker. Based on own experience and perfectioned with multiple experts, I designed a new machine concept that covers the demands of complex workpieces and workflows: The Tobin BS-1 combines a powerful drive system with a set …

Rolling mill RM-1

 +++ Pre-order has started! +++ High thickness reduction is a common and yet one of the most time consuming steps in traditional forging. Especially the forging of damascus steel often requires the blacksmith to reduce material from 60mm to as low as 3mm thickness. The best machine to speed up this process is a …

Attachments for belt grinders

+++ From now on, the universal blade jig for third-party machines is sold exclusively through +++ Dealing with knifemaking means dealing with complex shapes and geometries that require a high finish quality. Using a good belt grinder is a great start, but reaching and grinding all surfaces, edges and transitions on a workpiece without …

More & Special solutions for craftsmen

With my profound experience and education in design and production of machines, my foundation in the trade of forging and knifemaking and extensife manufaturing capabilities, I can react quickly to provide custom solutions. Feel free to contact me, so I can also solve your problem!