Belt grinder BS-1

The belt grinder is the most important machine for a modern knifemaker. Based on own experience and perfectioned with multiple experts, I designed a new machine concept that covers the demands of complex workpieces and workflows:

+++ now also for 75mm wide belts! +++

The Tobin BS-1 combines a powerful drive system with a set of high quality attachments that is continuously expanded. This makes it the most productive machine available for knifemakers and blacksmiths. The design complies with EU safety standards and has CE certification. The BS-1 is not only suitable for professionals who seek to optimize their workflow, but also for ambitious beginners or hobbyists who enjoy working with excellent equipment. Last but not least, the BS-1 is among the few CE-certified machines for those who offer classes and rely on a safe machine with superb power.

The belt grinders are developed and produced exclusively in Austria! Used and tested in everyday shop-life by myself and other professionals, a dedication to reliability, high quality and continuous improvement is central to my products. These factors, but also the big assortment of available attachments set it apart from other machines on the market.

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