Rolling mill

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High thickness reductions is a common and yet one of the most time consuming steps in traditional forging. Especially the forging of damascus steel often requires the blackmith to reduce material from 60mm to as low as 3mm thickness. The best machine to speed up this process is a rolling mill as it offers a quick, efficient and precise way of reshaping hot metals.

Unfortunately, besides some occasionally offered second-hand goldsmith machines, there is no market for rolling mills that are suitable in size and price for most blacksmiths.

Until now, that is: Based on the prototype rolling mill, a production run of a forging rolling mill is scheduled for 2022!

The Roadmap:

  • The design is finished an verified based on technical and safety aspects.
  • Pre-orders are taken! Please contact me.

Technical specifications:

  • Rolls: 42CrMo4, hardened, diameter 70 mm
  • Workpiece thickness: 0-60 mm
  • Workpiece width: max. 110 mm
  • Drive system: Electric gear motor 3 kW, secondary transmission with chain
  • Thickness reduction depending on temperature, material and workpiece shape up to 3 mm.
  • The design allows to change the rolls in as little as 15 minutes. Rolls for profiles or damascus patterns will be offered subsequently.
  • Thickness ruler for precise manufacturing
  • Adjustable safety clutch prevents overload
  • Easy to clean design
  • Only high-quality components
  • All structural parts are coated or painted

  • Solider Maschinenbau und leistungsstarker Antrieb zeichnen die Schmiedewalze aus.